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American looking for Job in Morocco (Automotive,Industrial,Transportation,Fabrication, etc) (Anywere in Morocco)


Kinnelon, New Jersey                                                                                    

CAREER:                  To establish myself with a Company, where I will be able to excel for the

                                    remainder of my career, while contributing to the growth and success of that



                                    The Smoke Rise Service Station- Automotive technician  2011 to present

EMPLOYMENT        Owner Jacks Highline Repair-Sales,Service   Mercedes Benz ,BMW  2005-2011 Key west,fl

HISTORY:                 Technician: Globe Mercedes Benz 3/2003 – 2005 - Fairfield, NJ

                                    Lead Technician: ETD Discount Tire, 2001 - 2003

                                    Boat Repair: Franks Tackle/Boat Repair, 4/2002 – 1/2003

                                    Technician and Stock: Boa’s Automotive, 1998 – 2001 (Assistant Manager)

                                    Technician Sales, Order, Repair/Restock, Billing:

                                    Quality Brake, 1993 – 1998 (Family Owned)

                                    Technician: Precision Exhaust Brake, 1990 - 1993


EDUCATION:            Morris County College – Criminal Justice 1994 - 1996

                                      Florida Keys College - Marine Propulsion 9/1998 – 2000

                                      Florida State courses for small business and money management.


                                      Owned and Operated High end car dealer and repair facility, responsible for

                                      For hiring, repairing, ordering stocking overseeing sales, taxes and billing.

                                      Mercedes Benz Factory Training – Course 501, 502 & 503

                                      (approx 25 credits on Net-star)

                                      Mercedes Benz Standard of Excellence Award (2005 and 2006)

                                      SDS Computer for Benz

                                      Mercedes Benz Certified Technician (Qualified user Mercedes Benz special tools)

                                      Trained and certified on electric vehicles

                                      Highly Qualified to Use: Snap-On and Solus Scanner, All-Data

                                                                        Alignment Machines (Hunter, John Bean)

                                                                        Exhaust Bender

                                                                        Brake and Drum Lathes

                                                                        Most AC Machines

                                                                        Mig, Tig and Torch use

                                                                        Tire Mounter and Balancers

                                                                        Snap-On Motor-Vac Machine

                                                                        Trans Flush Machines

                                                                        Radiator Coolant Flush Machines

                                                                               Many additional tools and computers for all

                                                                               Forms of repairs computer  and Otherwise.

ADDITIONAL:           Welding Mig,Tig and Heli Arc, Certified in repairing  Proprane Vehicles, Class C

                                       CDL License. All types of hydraulic repair, for  all  equipment. Repairs on

                                       all large equipment  Backhoes, Buckets  loaders etc. Electrical repair in any

                                       types of vehicles, and equipment. Proficient in fabrication of any kind.

                                       Small engine  repair. Install and weld snow plows. Truck Lifts and dump beds.

TOOLS:                     Approximately $100,000.00 - $150,000.00 (Owned)

REFERENCES:         Chris Burke, Manager Globe Mercedes Benz

                                           Fairfeild N.J. 1-973-227-3600 ext 227

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